Nox player vs Bluestacks – Which one is the best?!

Nox player vs Bluestacks – Which one is the best?!

I was thinking of playing mobile pubg on my PC and downloading an Android emulator for my PC. So I thought of some emulators such as nox, bluestacks, andy, memos. By deep research, I discovered that from all those emulators, Bluestack and nox are better in2018. But still, we have to choose one between nox and bluestacks.

To see the best of these two Android emulators, I looked at the pros and cons of both nox and bluestack. Now, I know which is better on.

Nox vs bluestack


Nox is an Android emulator originally designed for Windows and Mac to allow customers to mimic the Android operating system and run Android applications on their PCs. It is completely free and does not include advertising or premium subscription offers.

While we are discussing bluestacks vs nox, we will first have to talk about nox and then bluestacks. I will tell you the features and my experience in the nox and bluestacks, then I will choose the one that suits you best.
Features of Nox Emulator

  • Fast and reliable The best thing I appreciate about Nox is that it’s a fast and smooth emulator, unlike bluestack, this does not break down even when you’re playing high-end games. range. Its advanced engine offers an interactive game that will exceed the performance of your mobile phone. With driving technology based on Android 4.4.2 and 5.1.1, good with X86 / AMD, it is consistent, fast and strong.
  • Absolute compatibility: suitable for games and applications, including new and famous titles. Whether you are a novice or expert, you will undoubtedly find something fun to play at Nox.
  • Supports multiple steps – Windows PC and Mac.
  •  Easy to use basic user interface.
  • Android emulator fast, constant and great.
  • It has a natural keyboard mapping for application and games in the emulator.
  • It also supports the joystick and contour map.

My views and the Nox overview:

Nox allows you to change the configuration as you need it so that you can select a full screen or a resolution of 720p or Full HD. You can also change graphics properties such as Direct X and Open GL, as well as runtime settings including CPU speed and RAM usage.
Several customizations allowing customers to modify keys instead of just “touching” the computer mouse on the virtual screen.
Although most games are installed without problems, I encountered some problems with which I could not install the applications. I discovered that the bluestack is better here against the nox in the fight between the nox and the bluestacks. They just completed the installation prematurely and closed Nox together.

The games were well installed on my Android phone, so this error in Nox should be fixed. In the same way, you can associate the controller/joystick with the Nox App Player, however, I have no way to experiment with this element.
Finally, if you use Nox, consider the extra features of the highlights on the right. Without a doubt, you can take a screenshot, set the position of a virtual machine or use the Macro / Video recorder from there.


You do not need an Android device to run Android apps. In a Windows, BlueStacks can run your Android games and applications, for example, pubg and WhatsApp Messenger while working in Microsoft Office in another window.

Although these are the best Android emulators, the product is very focused on the sale of applications, you must pay a monthly fee of $ 2 for not choosing to install titles of Bluestack partners. Low performance, more bugs, and an irritating interface keep BlueStacks away from the top overview and my experience.

User interface:

This focus on games is much clearer when you run the program for the first time. Instead of looking at the normal Android home screen, as you would with Android’s nox emulators, application columns are provided, Although BlueStacks is actually an Android emulator and features Android 7.1.2 Nougat, it works more like a simple launcher for Android applications.
Instead of getting a full Android user interface, you get a custom Windows application that runs Android programs in full screen or in a fixed size window.

The BlueStack home screen is confusing and also disappointing. At first glance, it seems that all these applications are installed. However, by touching one of the app’s previews, you’ll go to Google Play, where you can install the app. In this case, the nox wins in this fight between the nox and the blue.

Keyboard and touch screen:

And when you’re running an application with full-screen BlueStacks instead of a window, it really feels like it’s an Android tablet. Finally, use the help for the multi-touch pad and articulation sensors (so you can do things like lean to move around in a game).

BlueStacks has been configured with the PC owner with a non-touch screen at the top of the priority list. The keyboard symbol in the basic menu bar allows you to configure commands such as scrolling, tilting, zooming and tapping keys of your choice.


Unfortunately, the keyboard mapping function does not seem to work anywhere. For example, I could not get close to Google Earth using the mapped keys and in Temple Run, the key mapping was switched. That’s why I like nox player when we compare nox and bluestacks.


If you have time, I suggest you try both and see which one is right for you. It depends on the specifications of your computer. I can not say which one is best for you, because every computer and its specifications can only talk to you about the characteristics and experience of both.
But if you do not have much time and want a quick answer, I am also available to you in this case

Which is the best bluestack vs nox?

Nox App Player is an Android emulator superior to Bluestack. Offering a large number of customization options and highlights, this includes features such as the ability to assign a “correct scan” and recreate real-world developments directly on the computer keyboard or joystick, if you have any.
It’s very funny and seems to work quite well most of the time. Furthermore, it is completely free. In the nox vs. bluestacks battle, nox is an incredible solution for people who need to quickly try out some applications. Nox wins the fight between Bluestack vs Nox in 2019, but it all depends on you and your choice.

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